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    What are the Weight Limits on Aventon Ebikes

    All Aventon ebikes have weight limits, exceeding these limits could result in safety issues for the rider and the ebikes.

    Maximum payload capacity includes both the riders weight and any cargo on the ebike.

    Ebike Model
    Maximum payload capacity
    PACE 500 / PACE 500 Step-Through
    300 lbs.
    PACE 350 / PACE 350 Step-Through
    300 lbs.
    300 lbs.
    LEVEL / LEVEL Step-Through
    300 lbs.
    Aventure / Aventure Step-Through
    400 lbs.
    Soltera Single-Speed / Seven-Speed
    300 lbs.
    Pace 500 v2 / Pace 500 v2 Step-Through
    300 lbs.
    Pace 350 v2 / Pace 350 v2 Step-Through
    300 lbs.


    Safety Notice

    Carrying Cargo involves additional risks, which require special attention and care to mitigate and manage. Braking, acceleration, and balancing are all significantly affected by cargo weight. Become accustomed to the braking, steering, and operational adjustments required before riding with cargo. Practice riding on flat and open area with light cargo before attempting to carry heavier loads

     Hold onto the bike when cargo is being loaded, in place, or attached to the bike. The kickstand is not designed to be used for loading cargo.

     Aventon recommends consulting a local, certified, and reputable bike mechanic to install and adjust the child seat on your bike.

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