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    I got in an accident, what do I do?

    First and foremost, we hope that you are okay! Electric bikes can be replaced but our time and health can't, so we also hope that you are recovering well. The severity of the accident and damages sustained will give us a better indicator of how to proceed. 

    Regardless of if you and your ebike suffered a minor or major crash, do not ride your Pace 500 v2 ebike. It is not certain if it is safe to ride in its current condition. You will need to consult with a local bike shop or an Aventon dealer to understand the full extent of the damages. Often, the damage you see on the exterior is just the beginning. There can be damage to your ebike's internal frame or mechanisms that aren't always visible to the naked eye.

    With any sort of accident or damage to an ebike, Aventon requires an authorized Aventon dealer or local bike shop to inspect further to determine if there are, or are not, any infrastructural damages that are not visible to the eye. If they conclude that there are internal damages, Aventon cannot sell replacement parts as this then becomes a safety issue. We unfortunately are unable to sell any replacements parts to you without this extra inspection.

    We ask that you take your affected Pace 500 v2 to a local bike shop or Aventon dealer. Aventon's dealer locator can assist in finding an Aventon authorized bike shop near you. If they conclude your bike is safe and intact and simply needs certain replacement parts, please contact our support team with the following information:

    • Your name and proof of purchase (an Aventon order number will do!)
    • If purchased from a bike shop, please attach your receipt
    • The contact information of the bike shop you visited as Aventon will need to verify the situation with them
    • A short explanation of what occurred and the components you were told needed to be replaced

    Once you submit an inquiry to our team, a representative will then be in touch shortly!

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