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    How should I store my bike over the winter?

    E-bike storage throughout the winter means that you’re likely going to be storing your Pace 500 v2 for a prolonged period of time; not just 4 - 5 days like you usually might. Depending on where you live, with winter, may also come the threat of extreme conditions, prolonged rain or snow, and low temperatures. These factors will all have an impact on how you should store your ebike over the winter. Below are some best practices regarding e-bike storage during the winter:

    1. Clean before storing. Clean all of the dirt and debris off your ebike's frame and then wipe it down with a dry cloth. Don't forget to check that the battery contacts are clean and dry. Lastly, lube the chain and spin the crankarms a couple rotations to ensure the lube circulates the entire chain.
    2. Charge your battery. Lithium-ion batteries, like the Aventon battery, should never be stored with an empty charge. Charge your battery to a 75%-80% charge level before storing. You will want to check up on your ebike battery monthly to make sure the battery doesn't drop below the 75%-80% range. 
    3. Store your ebike in a cool and dry space, like a garage. 
    4. Store your ebike battery in a cool, dry place and never attached to your ebike or on the charger. For example, on a wooden surface in the garage is best. If you live in an area with below-freezing temperatures, you can also store your ebike battery inside somewhere safe. Temperatures for battery storage should be between 32 °F – 104 °F (0 °C – 40 °C).

    To read more about winter ebike storage and how to properly gear up your ebike after being stored, check out our article on E-bike Storage and Use

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