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    Can I adjust my handlebar?

    Yes you can! Pace 500 v2 is our only electric bike with an adjustable stem, which allows riders like yourself to adjust the stem angle, effectively raising or lowering your handlebars! You'll need a 5mm hex key to make the adjustment, as outlined below. 

    1. If you anticipate making a drastic change in the angle, first loosen the 4 face plate bolts on the handlebar. They are located behind the display in an X-pattern. Loosening the face plate bolts is not necessary for minor adjustments to the stem.
    2. Loosen the bolt on the right side of the stem until it can freely turn, but do not completely unthread or remove it. 
    3. Loosen the fixing bolt on the under side of the stem.
    4. You can freely adjust the stem angle by pulling the handlebars up or down.
    5. After you found your desired position, tighten the fixing bolt on the bottom of the stem.
    6. Tighten the bolt on the right side of the stem. 
    7. If you loosened the 4 face plate bolts, re-tighten them now. Your adjustment is complete! 

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